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 Big Thanks to Jim Fredrick, Jack Phillips, Mark Hosteng, Jeff Grodahl and Kevin Fredrick for cooking all the fish last night!  You guys rocked!  and the fish was excellent!



Someone put a salt block on the #8 fairway, we have removed it.  Please don’t place any salt blocks on the course!  The deer already are a nuisance and the salt can damage the grass!!!


As many of you know, there is a serious problem with Ash trees. The Emerald Ash Bore is a deadly insect that has been detected as near as Boone county. It is fatal to trees it infects. There are about 40 or so ash trees on the golf course. It is not “if” this insect will infect our trees but “when”.

The board has made the decision to replace a few trees every year, rather than waiting for the bug to get here and ruin all the trees at once. Iowa State will be consulted to make sure we are making the right call. Treatment can be done, but to our knowledge, it is cost-prohibitive. Regardless, we will visit with Iowa State before we proceed. Our plan for this year is to remove 7 ash trees along the south side of #9 fairway and replace them with 5 Emerald Lustre trees.



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Board Members

Randy Werner, President – Justin Wieck, Vice-President – Karen Blass, Sec’y/Treas

Chad Wallerstedt, Neil Garrells, Kevin Meyer, Josh Burns

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